Toolkit of Reading Grades 4-8

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Comprehension of nonfiction and literary texts is greatly aided by visualization. This lesson will guide your students to think aloud, to draw sketches, and to create mental images as they read. The Visualizing lesson includes a definition, an explanation of how the skill is used, an example, and practice questions with excerpts from a real book.

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Created for grades 4–8, the Toolkit of Reading features quick, clear lessons on all the critical skills students need to understand complex texts, including new skills emphasized in the Common Core State Standards. These engaging resources, available as downloadable PDFs, define key terms, describe how and why the skills are important to readers, and provide a series of activities to encourage mastery. These lessons can kick off a reading lesson or serve as an impromptu refresher of skills already introduced.

More Information

This lesson features excerpts from The Land that Time Forgot by Edgar Rice Burroghs.