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Reading Nonfiction: Reading on the Web


This lesson will show your students how to find reliable information on the Internet. It includes brief instruction on finding and evaluating information on websites, models, practice evaluating a website, and multiple-choice questions that assess students’ understanding of key concepts.

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Product Description

Reading Minis for grades 3–5 provide short lessons on reading skills and strategies. Each lesson includes instruction, definitions for key terms, a model, whole-group practice, a worksheet for independent practice, a multiple-choice assessment, and a teacher’s guide. Each of these ready-made lessons can be easily opened as a PDF or HTML5 file to quickly teach a key reading skill or strategy before reading or analyzing a text.

More Information

This lesson is one of six lessons on reading nonfiction. For additional instruction on reading nonfiction, see the following lessons: Parts of a Book, Reading Textbooks, Reading Expository Texts, Reading Charts and Graphs, and Reading Maps & Illustrations.