Toolkit of Graphic Organizers Grades 3-5

Word-Study Organizer

Word-Study Organizer


The Word-Study Organizer helps students learn and remember new vocabulary. This organizer encourages students to record definitions, examples, synonyms, and pictures of new words. The Word-Study Organizer includes a reusable blank template, a mini-lesson that shows students how and when to use the graphic organizer, and a completed model.

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Product Description

Toolkit of Graphic Organizers for grades 3–5 provides 28 graphic organizers that help students understand how different ideas fit together. Each lesson includes a blank organizer, a step-by-step guide on how to use the organizer, and a model. Each of these ready-made resources can be easily opened as a PDF or HTML5 lesson for on-the-spot use and can be used with any book to reinforce meaning and assess students’ reading comprehension.

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