Reading Minis


Using Reading Strategies: Using Graphic Organizers


This lesson will teach your students how to use graphic organizers to remember important details in a text and their relationships. It includes brief instruction on graphic organizers, a model, practice using a graphic organizer, and multiple-choice questions that assess students’ understanding of graphic organizers and their purpose.

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Product Description

Reading Minis for grades 3–5 provide short lessons on reading skills and strategies. Each lesson includes instruction, definitions for key terms, a model, whole-group practice, a worksheet for independent practice, a multiple-choice assessment, and a teacher’s guide. Each of these ready-made lessons can be easily opened as a PDF or HTML5 file to quickly teach a key reading skill or strategy before reading or analyzing a text.

More Information

This lesson is one of six lessons on using reading strategies. For additional instruction on reading strategies, see the following lessons: Taking Notes, Summarizing, Using Fix-Up Strategies, Skimming & Scanning, and Reading Critically.


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