Preparing for Standardized Tests: Language


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Preparing for Standardized Tests: Language is a comprehensive, engaging iPad and iPhone app designed for any high school students preparing to take the SAT or ACT test.

Preparing for Standardized Tests, Language  - Green Light Learning Tools

Product Description

Practice Tests: This app includes four practice tests that accurately reflect the types and difficulties of questions students will find on the language portion of the ACT and SAT tests. Each question is timed for one minute and is linked to and correlated with a brief lesson that gives a step-by-step method to solving that type of question. The tests help users learn how to manage their time, recognize the language rules they need to review, and gauge how well they are likely to do on the standardized tests.

Lessons: The 33 lessons reflect many of the language skills students will need to master in order to answer the language questions on the SAT or ACT. Each lesson briefly states the appropriate language rule, gives an example, and offers additional practice. In each lesson, students are shown a step-by-step method to answering that type of question correctly.

More Information

The four tests accurately reflect the full range of types and difficulty of questions students will find on the ACT and SAT tests. The 33 lessons reflect the skills students need to master in order to answer the questions on the SAT and ACT. Each lesson is one page. Preparing for Standardized Tests: Language is available for download for $1.99 and is compatible with the iPad 2 or later and the iPad Mini.


Lesson 1: Central or Main Idea
Lesson 2: Colons
Lesson 3: Commas with Compound Sentences
Lesson 4: Commas with Introductory Phrases
Lesson 5: Commas with Items in a Series
Lesson 6: Commas with Nonessential Clauses
Lesson 7: Commas with Parenthetical Expressions
Lesson 8: Commas with Adjectives
Lesson 9: Commas with Appositives
Lesson 10: Comparatives and Superlatives
Lesson 11: Concluding Sentence
Lesson 12: Conjunctions
Lesson 13: Conjunctive Adverbs
Lesson 14: Consistent Verb Tense
Lesson 15: Contractions
Lesson 16: Dangling Modifiers
Lesson 17: Eliminating Wordiness
Lesson 18: Forms of Verbs
Lesson 19: Homophones
Lesson 20: Improving Paragraph Coherence and Logic
Lesson 21: Introductory Sentence
Lesson 22: Irregular Verbs
Lesson 23: Irrelevancy
Lesson 24: Logical Order
Lesson 25: Possessive Nouns
Lesson 26: Prepositions
Lesson 27: Pronoun Agreement
Lesson 28: Semicolons
Lesson 29: Sentence Fragments
Lesson 30: Subject-Verb Agreement
Lesson 31: Transitions
Lesson 32: Vague Pronouns
Lesson 33: Who or Whom