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Digital Literacy 101


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How can you prepare your students for the school, testing, and workplace environments they will encounter? Are you and your students effectively using the devices you have? Are your students able to use and speak accurately and fluently about desktops, laptops, and other mobile devices?

Maximize the potential of your students by helping them work productively with a variety of devices. This scaffolded professional development course and interactive workshop will give you the vocabulary you and your students need to talk about and properly use desktops, laptops, and other mobile devices. We’ll help you take the focus off of the tools and put it back where it belongs: on the content of your lessons. Our hands-on workshop will guide you through creating a new lesson plan that you can use immediately.

Product Description

This course offers an overview of the basics of digital literacy. Teachers unaccustomed to utilizing technology in the classroom will benefit the most, but it is relevant to any teacher who wants their students to be comfortable working on computers and other devices.

The course begins by presenting ways to teach basic digital computer literacy and usage. The second portion of the course focuses on understanding and using software and the Internet with students. The skills required for students to successfully take computer-based assessments such as PARCC are included. There is a strong emphasis on domain-specific vocabulary throughout the course. Teachers will gain a new outlook on the importance of developing technology skills across content areas, and how and why they can build digital literacy in any classroom. See the Table of Contents tab for more detailed information.

At the end of the course, participants will have access to useful downloadable resources to which they can refer as often as needed, even after the course is complete. Participants will also leave the course with a new lesson plan made as part of our hands-on workshop. Upon upload of that finished lesson plan, we will issue a certificate that can be submitted to administrators as proof of completed professional development hours.

More Information

Designed with K–8 teachers in mind, but useful for all subject-area instructors.

This course takes 1–3 hours to complete. Upon uploading a completed lesson plan, you will receive a certificate that can be submitted to your administrator as proof of time spent.

For Illinois teachers, ISBE clock hours will be provided upon request. Contact us for more details.

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Introduction and opening video
Digital Literacy
    What Is Digital Literacy?
    Digital Literacy Matters Because:
    Learn the Basics
    Learn Correct Terminology
    Basic Web Terminology
    Operating Systems
    Operating Systems: Mobile Devices
    Desktop Terminology
    Logging On and Off
    Review Vocabulary
    Using a Keyboard
    Proper Posture
    Using a Mouse
    Using a Tablet
    Using a Search Engine
    Digital Citizenship
    Programs and Apps
    Review Digital Literacy Matters Because:
    PARCC Skills
    Review Digital Literacy Fluency

Hands-on Digital Literacy Workshop
    Upload Your Lesson Plan
        Resource: PARCC ELA Computer Skills Checklist
        Resource: PARCC Math Computer Skills Checklist
    Reflect on Your Lesson and Make Improvements