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Common Core Speaking and Listening


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How does listening compare with reading? Where do multimedia texts fit in the curriculum? What can you do to build students’ listening, discussion, and presentation skills? Should students incorporate a variety of media and formats into their work? Why ask students to use text-based evidence in their presentations?


Get the most out of your Common Core training with this Speaking & Listening course and interactive workshop. Our scaffolded approach to professional development focuses on real instructional strategies. We discuss best practices for teaching a variety of text types, the why and how of academic vocabulary, and more as we show you how to optimize your lessons. Our hands-on workshop will guide you through creating a new lesson plan that you can use immediately.

Product Description

This course reviews the basics of teaching speaking and listening under the Common Core State Standards. ELA teachers in Common Core states will find this session useful, but it is relevant to any ELA teacher who wants their students to engage deeply with texts, have a solid vocabulary foundation, access and comprehend information expressed in a variety of formats and media, and make great use of reasoning and text-based evidence in their presentations.
The course begins by analyzing the major shifts in instruction with the Common Core. After introducing each shift, the course connects these shifts to instructional practice and a focus on grade-appropriate speaking and listening skills. See the Table of Contents tab for more detailed information.
At the end of the course, participants will have access useful downloadable resources to which they can refer as often as needed, even after the course is complete. Teachers will gain a new outlook on teaching speaking and listening in the Common Core classroom. Participants will also leave the course with a new lesson plan made as part of our hands-on workshop. Upon upload of that finished lesson plan, we will issue a certificate that can be submitted to administrators as proof of completed professional development hours.

More Information

Designed with K-8 teachers in mind, but useful for all ELA instructors.

This course takes 1-3 hours to complete. Upon uploading a completed lesson plan, you will receive a certificate that can be submitted to your administrator as proof of time spent.

For Illinois teachers, ISBE clock hours will be provided upon request. Contact us for more details.

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Introduction and opening video
Lesson 1. Identify “shifts” that make Common Core different from previous standards.
    Shift 1: Use Complex Text
    Shift 2: Build and Present Knowledge
    Shift 3: Present Information Grounded in Evidence
Lesson 2. Integrate the Standards
    Read More Complex Texts (Shift 1)
        Resource: Text Project
        Engage: Have students access a complex written text aurally
    Teach Academic Vocabulary with Complex Text (Shift 1)
        Engage: Focus on oral language to practice and assess mastery of academic vocabulary     Build and Present Knowledge (Shift 2)
        Engage: Perform a "close read" of a visual, audio, or multimedia text
    Present Information Grounded in Text Evidence (Shift 3)
        Engage: Analyze and evaluate the use of evidence in a speech
Hands-on Speaking and Listening Workshop
    Upload Your Lesson Plan
    Reflect on Your Lesson and Make Improvements