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Chromebooks 101


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Is your school or district buying Chromebooks for students or teachers? Are you wondering how the Chromebook is different from a typical laptop? Do you want to learn how to use the Chromebook to streamline your teaching and improve learning outcomes?

Get the most out of your new device training with this scaffolded professional development course and interactive workshop. We cover hardware, software, and more as we show you how to optimize your lessons. Our hands-on workshop will guide you through creating a new lesson plan that you can use immediately.

Product Description

This course reviews the basics of using Chromebooks in the classroom. Any teacher who has been given a personal Chromebook, has access to a cart of Chromebooks, or teaches in a 1:1 Chromebooks district will find this session useful.

The course begins by explaining how a Chromebook is different from a traditional laptop and the basics of how to use it. In Lesson 2, teachers will learn how to manage Chromebooks in the classroom, including how to formulate classroom procedures. In addition, we’ll cover Google Classroom, which makes creating assignments for students fast and easy. In Lesson 3, teachers will learn the benefits of using Chromebooks in daily instruction as well as getting an introduction to some of the best apps and extensions for teachers. See the Table of Contents tab for more detailed information.

At the end of the course, participants will have access to useful downloadable resources that they can refer as often as needed, even after the course is complete. Participants will also leave the course with a new lesson plan made as part of our hands-on workshop. Upon upload of that finished lesson plan, we will issue a certificate that can be submitted to administrators as proof of completed professional development hours.

More Information

Designed with K–8 teachers in mind, but useful for all instructors, librarians, or other support staff.

This course takes 1–3 hours to complete. Upon uploading a completed lesson plan, you will receive a certificate that can be submitted to your administrator as proof of time spent.

For Illinois teachers, ISBE clock hours will be provided upon request. Contact us for more details.

See our Professional Development page for information on our other online and in-person professional development offerings.


Introduction and opening video
Lesson 1. What are Chromebooks?
    Logging In
    Learning the Desktop
    The App Menu
Lesson 2. Managing Chromebooks
    Acceptable Use Policies
    Developing Classroom Procedures
        Engage: Create Your Own Classroom Procedures
    Benefits of Chromebooks in the Classroom
    Introduction to Google Classroom
    Workflow in Google Classroom
Lesson 3. Using Chromebooks in the Classroom
    Chrome Apps and Extensions
    Best Practices of Tech Integration
    Engaging Students with Chromebooks
Workshop. Review and Finalize Your Lesson Plan
    Upload Your Lesson Plan
    Reflect on Your Lesson and Make Improvements for Next Time
    Downloadable Templates: Chromebook Class Procedures, Chromebooks Schedule
    List of Recommended Chromebook Apps for Teachers
    Chromebooks Best Practices
    How to Use Google Classroom
    How to Use Kahoot
    How to Make a Self-Grading Quiz